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The Ancient & Masonic Order of the

Scarlet Cord

The Province of East Lancashire

A Welcome from the Provincial Grand Summus

Right Distinguished Companion Allan Martin Shields V

Right Distinguished Companion Allan M. Shields

May I thank you for showing an interest in our order and I welcome you to our website.

The Scarlet Cord offers a vibrant and colourful extension to your masonic journey. Our ceremonies are varied and unique each with its own theme. You will learn about the origins of some important masonic characters that you have already been introduced to - Boaz, David and Joshua.


Each ceremony is rich and vibrant, our Fourth Grade is very dramatic and colourful.

This along with the Fifth and Sixth Grades are confered by the Grand Summus personally and reward the progress made by eager members.


Our order also has an additional ceremony taken by the candidate before he progresses to 'the chair'. He is then the President - the equivalent of becoming the Master. His work is shared with the equivalent of his wardens who conduct the first and second grades.


For those who enjoy the clash of swords we offer a Tzadikkim, the body guard of our Grand and Provincial leaders. Open to those who have not yet reached the office of President it allows junior members to get involved right from the start and looks very impressive indeed.


 These are all unique features that make the Scarlet Cord so interesting.


So if your looking for a rewarding order that offers something a bit different please consider joining us. You will be greeted with a smiling face! We are relaxed and enjoy what we do.

In our Province we currently have four consistories Vale of Irwell No16Ti, Beal Valley No94, Pomona No106 and a forth called Ribble Valley "The Internet" Consistory No138 . If you are a member of the Order of the Secret Monitor and are interested in joining us then go to ‘Contact‘ leave us a message and we will get back to you.

Kindest regards


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