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How to Join the Order

Structure of the Order

The Order is controlled by Grand Conclave, administered from Mark Masons Hall, with the Grand Supreme Ruler as its head, who has a Deputy plus an assistant and other Grand Officers. Under Grand Conclave there are a number of Provinces (in the UK) and District Grand Conclaves, (overseas) each headed by a Provincial/District Grand Supreme Ruler who is responsible for the management of the Conclaves within his Province or District along with his Deputy Provincial/District Supreme Ruler.
The ritual is based on two Biblical figures from the Old Testament Book of Samuel and the are David & Jonathon who form a great bond of everlasting friendship.

Conclaves and Officers

As Craft Lodges meet in Lodges, Secret Monitors meet in Conclaves. Each private Conclave is headed by a Supreme Ruler who represents David. The Immediate Past Ruler represents Jonathan. The other principal officers are the Counsellor (akin to the SW in Craft) and the Guide (and like the JW). Then come the usual offices of Treasurer, Secretary and Director of Ceremonies. Next are four officers who are of key importance in promoting the fundamental principles of the Order – the Visiting Deacons. They are each assigned a portion of the membership and are responsible for communicating with their 'charges' between meetings of the Conclave to ensure that all is well with them (in effect it is like having four Lodge Almoners in the Craft) . The other officers are the ADC, Guarder (like the Inner Guard) and Sentinel (Tyler). In the Second Degree the titles of some the officers take on the names of certain Biblical characters involved in the story.

Qualification for Membership

A candidate for induction into the Order must be a Master Mason in good standing, and member of a regular Craft Lodge under a UGLE recognised Constitution.

If you would like to join our wonderful Order, here’s what to do:

Useful Information

Do I need to purchase any regalia?

Apart from a Grand Conclave tie, no other regalia needs to be purchased. You will be given a Jewel when you are inducted, other regalia is supplied by the Conclave up to the point where you attain Provincial Rank, where a collar and sash are required.

How many meetings are there in the year?
The average Conclave holds three meetings per year, you are also encouraged to attend the Annual Provincial meeting which is held at Rochdale on the last Saturday of October.

How much are the Conclave subscriptions?
The average Conclave subscription is between £45-£80 and currently Mark Masons Hall have suspended the joining fee.

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