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Supera Moras "The Internet" Conclave No.49


Paul A. Joynson

20 Jan 2024

Provincial Team Visit for the Installation

Today saw a fantastic attendance at Supera Moras "The Internet" Conclave No.49 with members of the Provincial Team assembling to support the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler.

The Conclave was opened by the Supreme Ruler Wayne Barnes and then following the Conclave business and a ballot for a joining member, the Supreme Ruler invited Wy.Bro. Stephen William to take the chair, to which he duly accepted, then he carried out a wonderful installation ceremony for Companion Vincent Pouchain, placing him in the chair of the Conclave in a truly excellent manner.

Following the addresses V.Wy.Bro. Stephen Holcroft presented the weapons to Vincent, in a word perfect rendition.

With Supera Moras being a peripatetic conclave, the April meeting is left to a venue of the choice of the Supreme Ruler. With Vincent having travelled all the way from France for the meeting, it came of no surprise when he said he wished the Conclave to meet in Normandy in April.

I hope all the brethren's passports are up to date.

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