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Roses in Full Bloom


Paul Joynson

8 Feb 2022

Six new Members for Roses in Concorde Conclave No.185

A very special night at Roses in Concorde No. 185 which saw 5 members from the recently closed Forest of Pendle Conclave namely, Wy.Bro. Nigel K. Dunlop Prov.G.V., Wy.Bro. Alan S. Edge P.A.G.D.C., Wy.Bro. Colin G. Lee P.A.G.D.C., Wy.Bro Paul A. Joynson G.Stwd. Prov.Rec. and Bro. Kenneth Buckley all took up the very kind offer of the Grand Recorder to have their joining fees wavered as the recent closure of Forest of Pendle was outside of their control. The five members certainly boosted Roses numbers however they also gained a further member in V.Wy.Bro Nigel Bramley-Haworth P.G.V rejoining on the same night.

All of this making a struggling Conclave of just nine members into a vibrant Conclave of 15 members.

The night moved along with one of its newest members Bro. Ken Buckley being advanced to a Prince of the Order in a very sincere ceremony lead by Wy.Bro Gordon Fletcher, assisted by members of the Conclave.

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