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Ribble Crossed the Pennines into Yorkshire


Paul A.Joynson

15 Oct 2022

The third Meeting of Ribble Valley 'The Internet' Consistory No.138

Saturday 15th October saw Our newest Consistory, Ribble Valley 'The Internet' Consistory No.138 travel to Tapton Hall in Sheffield for its third meeting.

It was a busy day with a meeting of Super Moras 'The Internet' Conclave No. 49 which saw a team visit from the Province of West Yorkshire followed by a very delicious lunch enjoyed by thirty three Brethren.

Then it was back upstairs to the temple and with a change of regalia and furniture Ribble Valley was opened by the President, Distinguished Companion Paul A. Joynson III in fine style, assisted by Distinguished Companion Christian A. Givvons III standing in as Primus Lectores and our Provincial Grand Summus Allan M. Shields V acting as Guarder and Distinguished Companion Stephen Holcroft III as the Director of Ceremonies.
The 1st Grade of the Order was conferred on a new candidate Comp. Ray. A. Christian I who was admitted into our Order in a very enjoyable and well worked ceremony.

Always enjoying a full day of wonderful ceremony the Consistory was then opened in the Second Grade and Companions Derek J. Oliver I and Vincent J.M. Pouchain who had travelled from Normandy to be with us were conferred the Second Grade of the Order enjoyed by all present.

Pictured left to right are; Comp. Vincent Pouchain II, Dist. Comp. Christian Givvons III, R.Dist.Comp. Allan Shields V, Comp. Derek Oliver II and Comp. Raymond Christian I.

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