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Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler Pledges Charitable Donation


Paul Joynson

17 Nov 2022

'Spoons' Neonatal Unit Receive a Boost to their Funds

Today is the World Prematurity Day and the day is supported by Spoons Neonatal Family Support who are based at the Neonatal Unit of the Royal Oldham Hospital.
Spoons do exceptional work in the community supporting new mothers of premature babies and their families in that very special but difficult times in their lives.

Our Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, R.Wy.Bro. Christian A. Givvons thought there could not be a better, more poignant day to make a donation to this well and deserving charity than on their national day of promotion and has pledged to donate £1,000 to them.

It is only right to mention the sterling work carried out by the OSMBF, who we are delighted to announce made this donation possible by their 'match funding' scheme. To find out more of the work carried out by the OSMBF you can click the following link

Also to find out more out the Spoons charity please follow this link

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