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Paul Joynson

29 Oct 2021

Christian is Invested as PGSR

Following months of speculation and lots of behind the scenes planning by the Alan Edge the Provincial Grand Recorder and his assistant Eric Bullock in preparation for the announcement by Mark Masons Hall.
The just over two weeks ago the news broke that Wy.Bro. Christian Alexander Givvons P.A.G.D.C. was to become the Province's new PGSR.

The planning and preparation step up a gear with Christian calling an emergency meeting of the Provincial Executive to put all the finishing touches to Alan and Erics meticulous work and to chose which Brother's were going to receive Provincial preferment and form his team of acting officers of the year.
Following the meeting all the behind the scenes work continued at full speed with numerous communications back and forth with London and the printing of the summons and table plan and all of the invites for the other Provinces. Along with the printing and posting of the awards to the recipients and collating their replies, the work was immense.

Everything was going to plan, the Hall was booked along with the meal, the invites were being returned, the recipients were responding and everything was going to plan. Then disaster struck when a telephone call was received from the Hall informing us of a fault in the ventilation flue in the kitchen was preventing the ovens from being lit, just two days prior to the meeting it was discovered that we would be unable to serve hot food to our guests and Plan B had to be launched as the show had to go on, a cold buffet was hastily planned.

The night prior to the meeting the room was set up, the robing rooms allocated and a practice all went well.

The day of the meeting started early at 9am with members of the Province assembling at the Hall along with the escorts teams, cushion bearers and the Grand Supreme Ruler's Arch of Steel for a detailed practice under the watchful eye of the Grand Director of Ceremonies.

Then at 11am after weeks of work the time had come for the Provincial Grand Conclave of East Lancashire to be opened, however has protocol dictates the the previous PGSR R.Wy.Bro. Frank George Hood Smith could not be in attendance the task of opening fell into the save hands of Frank's predecessor R.Wy.Bro. Howard Stephen Nuttall who had lost none of his flair and opened Provincial Grand Conclave in ample form and in they way we all remembered him telling everyone to, "Just smile".

Then the Grand Director of Ceremonies announced that The Grand Supreme Ruler M.Wy.Bro Andrew Christopher and demanded admission, following which he took the chair from Howard and announced that the next business was to obligate and invest Christian as the PGSR.
An escort was formed and Christian was paraded into the temple for what followed can only be described as magnificent, resulting in Christian becoming R.Wy Brother Christian Alexander Givvons, Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler of the Province of East Lancashire and he received salutations worthy of that high office.

R.Wy.Bro Givvons was then asked if he wished to appoint a deputy to which he announced his wish to obligate and invest V.Wy.Bro Stephen Paul Holcroft as his Deputy PGSR.
Following the escort being formed and Stephen entering Christian said a few words about Stephen and their long friendship, from the days they had worked together and how they masonic interested had progressed together making them sound like a modern day David & Jonathon.

Following the investiture of his Deputy Christian adjourned Provincial Grand Conclave for Lunch, and following all the panic in the week prior of the broken ovens, a very well present meal of hot soup and cold buffet was served and enjoyed by all.

Following lunch, the meeting resumed and all First Appointments and promotions were confirmed on the recipients and R.Wy. PGSR delivered his address to the Province.

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