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Provincial Appointments 2022/23


Paul Joynson

11 Aug 2022

Congratulations to the brethren of East Lancashire

The Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, Right Worthy Brother Christian A. Givvons is please to announce that he has offered the following Provincial appointments and the brothers have duly accepted.
The honours will be conferred at our annual Provincial meeting on Saturday 29th October 2022.

Acting officers for the year 2022/23

V.Wy.Bro. Stephen P. Holcroft G.V. - Deputy Prov.G.S.R.
Wy.Bro. Allan M. Shields P.G.Stwd. - Chancellor
Wy.Bro. Derek J. Oliver P.G.Std.B. - Counsellor
Wy.Bro. Howard Freear Guide - Guide
V.Wy.Bro. Geoffrey K. Glover P.G.Reg. - Chaplain
Wy.Bro. Dennis Schiff P.G.B.B. - Treasurer
Wy.Bro. David Hinde - Registrar
Wy.Bro. Paul A. Joynson G.Stwd. - Recorder
Wy.Bro. David L. Greenhalgh P.G.Std.B - D of C
Wy.Bro. Samuel L. Turtington - Visitor
Wy.Bro. Nigel K. Dunlop - Visitor
Wy.Bro. Michael B. Boyce - Visitor
Wy.Bro. Norman Lay - Visitor
Wy.Bro. Anthony. J. Smith - Deputy D of C
Wy.Bro. Aiden Murphy - Deputy D of C
Wy.Bro. Trevor Jewitt P.A.G.D.C. - Almoner
Wy.Bro. Mark Davis - Sword Bearer
Wy.Bro. Terence Bailey - Standard Bearer
Wy.Bro. Raymond A. Christian - Bow Bearer
Wy.Bro. Carl Buckley P.G.B.B. - Asst. Recorder
Wy.Bro. Stephen J. Holt P.A.G.D.C. - Organist
Wy.Bro. J. Stuart Corless P.G.B.B. - Guarder
Wy.Bro. Wayne Barnes - Steward
Wy.Bro. John E. Green - Steward
Wy.Bro. David Pestell P.G.B.B. - Sentinel

First Appointments

V.Wy.Bro. John Marrison P.G.V., P.Prov.G.V.
Wy.Bro. Craig D. Wood, P.Prov.G.Swd.B.


Wy.Bro. John M. Styles P.Prov.G.G.
Wy.Bro. R. Hector McDonald P.Prov.G.G.
Wy.Bro. M. Adrian Hunter P.Prov.G.Reg.
Wy.Bro. Gordon Fletcher P.Prov.G.Reg.
Wy.Bro. Shaun Higson P.Prov.G.V.
Wy.Bro. Raymond Degg P.Prov.G.V.
Wy.Bro. I. Bryan Tynan P.Prov.G.V.
Wy.Bro. Brian Campbell P.Prov.G.V.

Provincial Grand Supreme Rulers Arch of Steel

Wy.Bro. Shaun Higson - Commander
Bro. Lee J. Gridley - Deputy Commander
Wy.Bro. Craig D. Wood - Recorder
Bro. Ivor Emo - Member
Bro. Paul A. Renton - Member
Bro. Peter Hegarty - Member
Bro. Donald Atkinson - Member
Bro. Alan Ogden - Member
Bro. Callum T. Mulhearn - Member

Congratulations to all the above brethren on their impending promotions;

If you would like to come along and support them at the investiture please see the Provincial Grand Recorder or email him at

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