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Pomona Consistory gets a new President


Paul A.Joynson

15 Mar 2023

As well as conferring two Second Grades

It was a busy day for Em.Comp Andrew V. Greenhalgh, he started the day as Primus of Lectres and conferred the Second Grade of our Order on Companion Raymond Christian of Ribble Valley 'The Internet' Consistory and Companion Liam Bird of Vale of Irwell Consistory in a new initiative introduced by out Provincial Grand Recorder for Consistories to work together and do more than one ceremony per day to allow more Companions to attain their Third Grade. The theory being they can then get to the third grade quicker and wear the jewel in their OSM Conclaves to help promote the Order and hopefully bring in more new members.

Then the work was in the hands of the current President Distinguished Companion Adrian Hunter III who carried out a splendid ceremony of Installation on Andrew at the end of he took the President's chair as Distinguished Companion Andrew.

Everyone needed to be at their best in their ritual as no other that Right Distinguished Companion Allan M. Shields V, had stood in as the Consistory Director of Ceremonies for the meeting.

Congratulations to Andrew and hope he has a very successful year in office.

Pictured Left to Right are Dist.Comp. Andrew V. Greenhalgh III, Comp. Liam T. Bird II, Comp Raymond Christian II, Dist.Comp. Adrian Hunter III and R.Dist.Comp. Allan M. Shields V.

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