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Wayne Barnes

15 Feb 2020

The Bad Weather Doesn't Get In The Way Of Supera Moras

Storm Dennis failed to dampen the spirits of the members of the Supera Moras Conclave 49 and its visitors on a wet and windy Saturday at Ashday Lea, Rawtenstall. Some of the members having to travel up from Essex, others to negotiate the wrath of the storm over the Snake Pass from both Derbyshire and South Yorkshire.

Those attending witnessed the installation of Wy.Bro Aiden Murphy, the Provincial Assistant Director of Ceremonies. Once again placed into the chair as Supreme Ruler of the conclave. The ceremony led in fine style by Wy.Bro Stephen John William ProvGReg, who was ably assisted by the officers of the Conclave and visiting brethren. Following a most sincere and enjoyable ceremony, Aiden then invested his officers for the ensuing year and closed the Conclave.

Finishing off a superb morning of freemasonry, Wy.Bro. Christian Alexander Givvons PAGDC, the Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, who represented the Province of East Lancashire, gave the final prayer.

The brethren then retired to the dining room and enjoyed a fine meal of home cooked food, following which the Supreme Ruler Aiden Murphy thanked everyone for their help and the obvious hard work that had been put into the ceremony, and then wished everyone well for the coming year, commenting how much he was looking forward to his year at the helm. The next meeting of this conclave will take place at 11.00am on Saturday 25th April 2020 at Westhoughton Masonic Hall, where it is hoped that Bro Mark E Rainsford will receive his Prince`s Degree.

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