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Allan Shields

2 Dec 2019

A new Candidate for Robert Burns Conclave

Brendan Harte became the newest member of Robert Burns Conclave No 368 and the latest to join OSM in East Lancashire. He waited patiently outside the door of the Conclave, while Supreme Ruler Alan Quine opened the conclave and took care of the start of the business.

He then invited Stephen Jackson to take the chair and induct Brendan. Stephen was assisted in a fine ceremony by members of the conclave and the conclave visitors who helped out. It was good to see some of the newer members taking centre stage with Ivor Rosenberg and his son in law, Ian Lavin assisting during the ceremony. Ian delivered The Weapons perfectly and with sincerity to Brendan.

After a most enjoyable meeting the brethren retired to the dining room at Salford Masonic hall for the festive board. Brendan was rapidly introduced to the friendliness of the order and a toast was proposed to welcome him to the Conclave.

In true Burns style the evening ended with a fine, but may be an out of tune version, of Auld Lang Syne.

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