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Grand Senatus 2023


Paul A.Joynson

4 May 2023

A Busy two days down at Mark Masons Hall

Wednesday 3rd May 2023 saw the conferral of the 4th and 5th Grades at Mark Masons Hall and East Lancashire Scarlet Cord Masons were there in force to witness, Dist.Comp. Christian A. Givvons and Dist.Comp. Steven N. Smith both receive their 4th grades. Dist.Comp. Alan S. Edge was also honoured with his 5th grade and both were supported by the attendance of of Provincial Grand Summus Allan M. Shields V, who was there to offer them all his congratulations along with his assistant Dist.Comp. David L. Greenhalgh IV who was there in his official capacity as Grand Standard Bearer.

There following day saw the meeting of Grand Senatus and the awards of first appointments and promotions, which saw Christian Givvons become Past Grand Herald and Steve Smith become Past Grand Standard Bearer.

Hearty Congratulations to them all from the Province of East Lancashire.

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