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Grand Senatus 2022


Allan M.Shields

5 May 2022

Our Provincial Grand Summus Talks of his days in London

Wednesday morning saw the Grand Team assemble to confer the 5th Grade of our order on those successful candidates who had been selected. Our Provincial Grand Summus, Allan Shields was in attendance to see a perfect ceremony performed by The MW Grand Summus and overall head of the order, Ian Currans. All this taking place in the headquarters of Mark Masonry - 86 St James , London

A superb buffet and refreshment was served upstairs following the meeting and the brethren were joined by the aspirants who would be taking the 4th Grade later on. All 64 of them!
Allan was joined by three of his Provincial Officers, Joe Simon, Alan Quine and Anthony Smith who were among the 4th grade candidates. It was a very warm lodge room as this was the middle of May in London and the room was full. A most excellent ceremony took place and Allan was waiting for his three candidates to congratulate them on the conclusion of the proceedings.

With an overnight stay planned in Greenwich it was off to Charing Cross to catch a train. Where else in London would an ex seafarer choose to stay? Greenwich is steeped in maritime history. After a long day our Provincial Grand Summus slept well.

Next morning was a leisurely start with breakfast then a train ride back up to the city and 86 St James for the annual meeting of Grand Senatus.
Today would be a special day for Allan's Deputy who received a promotion in Grand Senatus to Past Grand Herald. Assistant David Greenhalgh who received the Acting Rank of Grand Standard Bearer and Provincial Director of Ceremonies Anthony Smith a first appointment to Past Grand Standard Bearer.

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