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Grand Honours 2021


Paul Joynson

28 Aug 2021

Eight Brethren From East Lancashire to Receive Grand Honours

This morning eight brethren from East Lancashire were delighted to receive a letter from the Grand Recorder to discover that the Most Worthy Supreme Ruler Andrew Christopher Sweeney was offering them either first appointments or promotions in Grand Conclave.

V.Wy.Bro Stephen P. Holcroft was delighted to discover that he had been offered a third term of office as Grand Visitor. Whilst both Wy.Bro Alan S.Edge who has served as the Provincial Grand Recorder for many years along with Wy.Bro Steven Smith who has served as Provincial Grand Treasurer both received promotion to Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, along with Wy.Bro David Pastel and Wy.Bro Terry Kershaw.

V. Wy.Bro. Paul Bowen PGV was Re-appointed as Grand Organist for the sixth year.

First appointments went to Wy.Bro. Martin Roche who received Past Grand Standard Bearer and Wy.Bro Paul A. Joynson received active rank as Grand Steward.

Congratulations to all from East Lancashire.

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