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East Lancashire Cross the Border


Paul Joynson

26 Jun 2022

A Team Visit to Roses Conclave in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

For many years there has been a close bond between Roses in Concord Conclave No.185 from East Lancashire and Roses Conclave No.459 in West Yorkshire, many members of Both Provinces hold joint membership of both Conclaves.

Recently, R.Wy.Bro. Christian Alexander Givvons, the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler for East Lancashire and his counter-part in the Province of West Yorkshire, R.Wy.Bro. David Staniforth decided it was time to develop this further by arranging mutual Team visits to each Conclave.
On Monday 27th June it was the East Lancashire Provincial Teams turn to visit Roses Conclave in Yorkshire and what a fantastic evening it was.

Shortly before the start of the meeting there was a slight air of panic as the Director of Ceremonies discovered that the Supreme Ruler had been taken ill and was unable to attend at the meeting. The panic was short lived as where he said, "I don't know who will take the chair and do the installation" was the cue for The Past Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler of West Yorkshire, R.Wy.Bro Stuart G. Carley to step forward and volunteer to do it and do it with style and finesse from memory with no time for revision. He performed an installation ceremony which was second to none.

Following the opening the Director of Ceremonies announced that the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler of the neighbouring Province of East Lancashire stood without and requested admission. That was the cue for Cristians newly formed Arch of Steel to take post and the delegation of acting offices processed into the temple.

The evening finished with all the brethren retiring to the dining room for some excellent hospitality at the Festive Board where a special plaque was exchanged been the members of Roses in Concord and Roses which has become something of a tradition that they exchange at the meetings.

An excellent evening was enjoyed by all, harmonising the friendship of the Order of the Secret Monitor.

Pictured above are the members of East Lancashire who made the journey to West Yorkshire.

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