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Dr.James Edward Glover Conclave gets a New Candidate


Paul A. Joynson

5 Feb 2024

Plus a Grand Visit

Monday evening saw Dr. James Edward Glover Conclave meet at Rochdale Masonic Hall.

The Conclave was opened by the Supreme Ruler Wy. Bro. Anthony H. Nuttall, who promptly welcomed the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, R.Wy.Bro. Christian A. Givvons to his Conclave and offered him the gavel. Following a free kind words from Christian, he returned the gavel saying that a lot of preparation had gone into tonights meeting and he did not wish to detract from that.

After the Conclave business was taken care of the Supreme Ruler invited Wy.Bro Dr. Craig Wood to take the chair as the next business was to induct Phil Moore into the Order and Craig was the proposer of Phil.
Craig carried out a first class ceremony inducting Bro. Phil into the Order with style and finesse, assisted by Provincial officers acting as Visiting Deacons, which saw V.Wy.Bro. Stephen Holcroft, not only act as the 4th VD, but also carried out an excellent rendition of the weapons of the Order followed by the address to the candidate.
All of the ceremony carried out under the watchful eye of V.Wy.Bro. Robin Knight G.V. was was on one of his official visits to the Province.

Following the meeting the brethren retired to the dining room for a splendid pro chop dinner.

An excellent evening of Secret Monitor Freemasonry was enjoyed by all especially the Candidate Bro. Phil, who made enquires as to joining the Scarlet Cord....... so it looks like the Conclave will be carrying out a Princes degree at the next meeting with a member of beal Consistory waiting in the wings with an application form.

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