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Double Induction at Champion


Paul Joynson

17 Nov 2021

From a Struggling Conclave to one of the Strongest in the Province

Only a few years ago if you visited Champion Conclave No.26 you just knew that you would be working for your supper due to the low numbers of subscribing members and those that attended. However over the past three years has seen joining members and four double induction ceremonies have seen this old Conclave flourish into a vibrant meeting boasting one of the highest memberships in the Province.

The November meeting was no different and keeping up the tradition of doing double inductions as Bro. James Grindley and Bro. Craig Ogden joined the Order having been proposed by our Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler V.Wy.Bro Stephen P. Holcroft, who also printed a rendition of the weapons of the Order.

Also on the evening saw Wy.Bro. Nigel K. Dunlop Prov. G.V. install his successor for the ensuing year Wy. Bro. B. Eric Bullock P.G.St.B.

If you want to visit Champion Conclave, the next meeting is February 17th 2022 and if you are wondering what the Order of business will be, my money would be on a double induction.

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