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Cheshire & North Wales Provincial Grand Senatus


Paul A.Joynson

30 Apr 2022

A very good turn out from East Lancashire

A large number of Companions travelled the Short distance to Christleton for the meeting at the magnificent Cheshire View.

The Provincial Grand Summus of Cheshire and North Wales, R.Dist.Comp. Chris Welton had a fantastic turn out, being able to welcome seven Provincial Grand Summi and one Deputy in Charge in a very well attended meeting.

East Lancashire had travel en-masse, The Provincial Grand Summus, accompanied by his deputy and Assistant, where all supported by The Provincial Episcipus, theTreasurer, the Recorder, the Sword Bearer and a Steward along with a whole host of other companions who have joint membership in the Order.

Following the main part of the meeting, it was nice to see Chris, invest his Tzaddikim, which was led by the Captain Geoff Glover who many of you will know, not only from East Lancashire, but from all the surrounding Provinces for all the good work he does.

The meeting closed with a rendition of the Welsh Anthem, followed by the Nation Anthem.

Following the meeting the Companions retired downstairs for a delicious banquet and the harmony of the Order continued.

A very good and well attended meeting.

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