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Champion Night at Champion Conclave


Paul A.Joynson

17 Feb 2022

Another New Candidate Inducted in a Conclave Like a Phoenix from the Flames

Only four years ago Champion Conclave No.26 our second oldest Conclave in the Province was sadly on its knees, struggling to form a quorum to meet, yet now boasting twenty four members follow a succession of inductions and double inductions.

Well tonight was no different, for anyone thinking what the ceremony was going to be it was another induction led under the expert guidance for Wy.Bro. B.Eric Bullock P.G.Std.B as Supreme Ruler saw Bro Callum T. Mullhearn inducted into the Order, boosting Champions numbers even more.

They are so bless with new members it has now caused a backlog of Brothers waiting for their Princes Degree, and if the candidates keen on coming then we will be looking at having to ask some of our surrounding Conclaves help out by running Princes degrees on behalf of Champion.

Following the induction the Supreme Ruler had the pleasure of declaring our Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme V.Wy.Bro. Stephen P. Holcroft as the Supreme Ruler elect for the ensuing year.

Following the meeting the Social Board was a magnificent occasion with a large serving of home made pie and chips.

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