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Champion Install the Deputy


Paul Joynson

20 Apr 2022

Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler Takes the Chair

In an excellent ceremony witnessed by the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler R.Wy.Bro. Christian Givvons who saw his Provincial Grand Recorder Wy.Bro. Paul Joynson who is the Director of Ceremonies for the Conclave present V.Wy.Bro Stephen Holcroft for the benefits of installation.

A super ceremony followed by the Installing Supreme Ruler Wy. B.Eric Bullock placing Stephen back in the of a conclave some 27 years after he was first installed into his mother Conclave which is Supera Moras.

Stephen soon settled back into the role as his first job was to carry out the ceremony of admission on Bro Don Atkinson who was conferred to a Prince.

If you wish to see our Deputy in the chair of a Conclave then why not come along to the next meeting, which is on Wednesday 17th November 2022. To book yourself in please contact the Secretary Wy.Bro Nigel Dunlop

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