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Paul Joynson

20 Feb 2020

Two new Candidates are welcomed into this Ever growing Conclave

A champion evening for Champion Conclave No 26 which saw yet another joining member and a new candidate inducted all in the same night.

Supreme ruler Nigel Dunlop, opened the conclave in fine form then started the business flowing with a ballot for Bro Desmond Ashton as a joining member of the conclave. Des has moved over the Pennines to relocate to Lancashire. The ballot proved favourable and Des, who will be an asset to the conclave was admitted. The next business was to induct Bro Steven Cooper into the Order.

Steven a member of Harmony & Industry Lodge that meet in the same hall at Darwen and is relatively new to freemasonry, having been asked by his good friend Kenneth Aspen to join freemasonry for over 40 years he has only just taken the first step to join, just over a year ago. Soon after being raised to the third degree again Ken was there with another joining form, this time for Champion Conclave.Steven who is the organist at his local church soon became the organist at Harmony & Industry, so hopefully it won’t be long before we hear music at Champion?

Following a terrific ceremony led by the Supreme Ruler and assisted by members of the conclave which saw Paul Joynson confer the secrets of the degree and Steve Holcroft delivered the address and weapons in a most excellent manner, the business moved to electing the Supreme Ruler for the ensuing year and after fighting off tough competition Bernard ‘Eric’ Bullock was declared the Supreme Ruler Elect.

Then in what has become something of a regularity at this point of the evening another candidate for induction was proposed. After the joy had settled someone said “and when we he be inducted as it’s the installation next meeting?” To which Nigel replied with the dedication he has shown to the order, “not to worry we will start the installation 30 minutes early and I will induct him before I install my successor!’ You are all welcome to come and join us on that night, however the date is to be confirmed as Mrs Dunlop not realising the next meeting should have been on April 16th has booked a holiday to take our Supreme Ruler away on a well-deserved holiday.

Neither Nigel, nor any member of the conclave is brave enough to tell her about the clash so keep your eyes on the website for the revised date…….Only joking Mrs Dunlop!

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