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Bonjour to Supera Moras Conclave


Paul Joynson

22 Apr 2022

A New Candidate Inducted From France

Supera Moras "The Internet' Conclave No.49 draws its membership from the length and breadth of the Country and now from across the Channel.

Vincent Pouchain has been a friend of the Conclave since the start of lockdown and joined in on several Zoom calls throughout the Pandemic and was very keen to join the Conclave, the only problem being the Order he was a member of in France was one which unfortunately was not recognised by our governing body at Mark Masons Hall.
Not to be deterred Vincent, who many of you will have seen as a regular visitor to the Premier Conclave of Improvement went ahead and joined a UGLE Craft Lodge here in the UK and had to be inducted into the Order.

Being a peripatetic Conclave they had travelled by dispensation to hold their meeting at Westhoughton Masonic hall in the neighbouring Province of West Lancashire

On the Morning of the ceremony the Supreme Ruler was unfortunately taken ill and was unable to attend the meeting and with just two hours notice the Immediate Past Supreme Ruler Wy.Bro. Nigel Dunlop stepped in and conducted a first class ceremony of induction.

The weapons of the Order were presented by V.Wy.Bro Stephen Holcroft G.V. in an excellent manner and through-out Vincent could be seen mouthing the words as they were said, having been a Supreme Ruler in France.

Following the Conclave being closed the brethren retired downstairs for a delightful lunch, which the multicultural theme continued, with the Chaplain saying grace in Welsh before the meal and then following the meal Vincent himself returned thanks in his native tongue.

It was then a quick change and back upstairs for the second regular meeting of Ribble Valley, 'The Internet' Consistory No.138 who have now aligned their meeting with Supera Moras "The Internet' Consistory and with the amended ceremony of the first grade Vincent became a member of the Ancient Masonic Order of the Scarlet cord along with Wy.Bro's Derek Oliver and Stephen Williams.

Anyone wishing to join either Supera Moras or Ribble Valley please contact the Provincial Grand Recorder via email who will be only too pleased to assist you.

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