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An Induction at Champion Conclave No.26


Paul A. Joynson

15 Nov 2023

Jack Joins Champion

Jack Aston, who many of you know from his role as the Recorder for the North East Lancashire District of the Ancient & Accepted Right has been inducted into the Order of the Secret Monitor.

His proposer R.Wy.Bro. Stephen Jackson who has been a life long friend of his invited him many years ago to join the OSM however it has taken until today for him to join. This was done under a special agreement where Stephen in return joined the Rose Croix.

Following the toast to Jacks health at the social board, he thanked Stephen for his toast and proposing him and added that he wished he had taken Stephen up on his offer 30 years ago when he was first asked as he had such an enjoyable evening.

Pictured above are Bro. Jack Aston (centre) with R.Wy.Bro. Christian A. Givvons (left) the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler and to the right is V.Wy.Bro Stephen P. Holcroft P.G.V. Deputy Provincial Supreme Ruler and also the Supreme Ruler of the Conclave and carried out Jack's induction.

It was a fantastic night, enjoyed by all present, rounded off by a good hearty helping of home-made meat pie and chips and lots of good conversation and friendship.

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