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A Hat Trick For Mike


Paul Joynson

24 May 2022

Cockcroft Install a Supreme Ruler for the Third Consecutive Year

Wy.bro. Mike Boyce who is no new comer to the Order having joined East Midlands over sixteen years ago and passed through the chair of Walton Conclave No. 413 back in 2012, following which he was awarded an active Provincial officers Rank of Provincial Grand Guarder for the East Midlands Province.

He later relocated 'up North' and in 2016 he joined Cockcroft Conclave No.25 and was installed as Supreme Ruler in 2019, a position he has held to the present day as this evening was him proclaimed via dispensation for a third success term in the chair.

During Mike's time in East Lancashire he has received promotion to Provincial Grand Bow Bearer.

The Conclave was also honoured by the presence of the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, R.Wy.Bro. Christian A. Givvons, who was accompanied by his Deputy V.Wy.Bro Stephen Holcroft G.V. along with members of his Provincial team who all witnessed a fantastic evening of Secret Monitor Freemasonry.

Congratulations Mike on all your hard work and efforts.

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