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A Grand Visit to Supera Moras Conclave No.49


Paul Joynson

22 Apr 2023

A Fantastic day of Secret Monitor Freemasonry

Saturday 22nd April saw the end of a very busy masonic week with Supera Moras Conclave'The Internet' No.49, which is a peripatetic Conclave travel to Westhoughton Masonic Hall and met by dispensation in our sister Province of West Lancashire.

With the Supreme Ruler being engaged on a family holiday, it fell on Wy.Bro. Nigel K. Dunlop to immediate past Supreme Ruler to take the chair in what was a fantastic afternoon where all those present truly received a good daily advancement in their masonic knowledge from a research paper delivered by V.Wy.Bro John Beard on why a such a friendly Order has 'weapons' rather than 'working tools'.
With was delivered in style and appriciated by all those present, including V.Wy.Bro Peter Layton Grand Visitor who had attended the conclave for one of his official visits.

He also witnessed a ballot for a joining member, which saw Bro. Leo Cap welcomed into the Conclave and then during 'Any Other Business' two Brothers where proposed as joining members, including one from Michigan USA which was followed by a further proposition for a candidate for induction from Belgium.

As in its name 'The Internet' Conclave is reaching all around the word just like its namesake.
Next April plans are already well on the way for them to hold their April meeting in Normandy, France, a meeting which they have opened up to all the Provinces who wish to attend and has already attached the interest of other 30 brethren. If you fancy coming along to this meeting please feel free to contact our Provincial Grand Recorder to register your interest by emailing him at

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