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A Fantastic Night At Roses in Concord


Paul Joynson

9 May 2022

Two Prince admitted for Champion Conclave

Roses in Concord assisted Champion by agreeing to admit two of their brothers to the degree of a Prince was what a fantastic night it was.
Bro's Lee Gridley and Alan Ogden both from Champion travelled the short distance down the road to Millhouse to witness a ceremony which was second to none.

Very Worthy Brother John Marrison opened the Conclave and raised to the second degree when he invited Worthy Brother Gordon Fletcher to take the chair who carried out the ceremony of admission assisted by the IPSR, Worthy Brother Eric Bullock.

Pictured above are the two candidates being congratulated following the meeting by the Supreme Rule V.Wy.Bro John Marrison and V.Worthy Bro. Peter Layton who was in attendance as Grand Visitor, they are accompanied by V.Wy.Bro. Stephen P. Holcroft Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler.

Following the meeting the brethren retired downstairs for a superb meeting provided by the new catering staff at Millhouse.

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