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A New Prince Admitted at Champion Conclave No.26


Paul Joynson

16 Nov 2022

Callum Becomes a Prince

Last Night saw a fantastic meeting of Champion Conclave, where the Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, Very Worthy Brother Stephen P. Holcroft P.G.V. is the Supreme Ruler.

Following the opening of the Conclave the brethren paid respect to our Late Sovereign, Her Majesty the Queen. Then salutations were offered to the Deputy and then for the our newly promoted Very Worthy Brother Peter Morgan P.G.V who was visiting the conclave, along with Wy. Bro Aiden Murphy P.G.B.B. who also received his first appointment at Grand Conclave last week and was delighted to receive salutations. Also visiting the Conclave was newly Promoted Wy.Bro. David Rigby P.A.G.D.C.

Following the administrative business of the Conclave it was on with the main business of the evening and that was the ceremony of Admission for one of its members, Bro. Callum Mulhearn who had a wonderful ceremony performed by Stephen and the members of his Conclave, assisted by the visitors.

Following the proceedings the brethren retired to the dining room for a wonderful home-made steak pie and chips, followed by sticky toffee pudding and custard.
During the dining, Callum said his wife asked him where he was going that evening and he told her he was off to a OSM meeting and was to be made a Prince. His wife's response was "Oh, I always wanted to marry a Prince"......... Well last night her wish came true.

Picture from l to r - Wy.Bro. David Rigby P.A.G.D.C., V.Wy.Bro. Peter Morgan P.G.V., Bro. Callum Mulhearn, V.Wy.Bro. Stephen P. Holcroft P.G.V., Dep.Prov.G.S.R., and Wy.Bro. Aiden Murphy P.G.B.B.

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