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Paul Joynson

21 Nov 2019

Two inductions in one night at Champion

The November meeting of this old and distinguished Conclave hosted another double induction ceremony, with Brother Don Aitkinson and Brother Craig Charnock joining the Order.The Supreme Ruler, WyBro Nigel Dunlop opened his conclave in fine form under the direction of his Director of Ceremonies VWybro Stephen Holcroft, both which were the respective proposers for the two new candidates.

The Proposers
Following the opening of the Conclave salutations were given to our RWyBro Provincial Supreme Ruler and other Right Worthy brothers present, then for the first time since his promotion VWyBro Holcroft was honoured with ‘five’.

The ‘Arrow That Travels’ was presented by WyBro Kearns, he Supreme Ruler of The Earl of Harwood, to Nigel.

The ceremony flowed with dignity and flare assisted by the officers of the Conclave and visitors and the two brothers were well and truly admitted to our Order.

RWyBro Frank G.H.Smith, the head of the order in East Lancashire, then had the pleasure of presenting the supreme Ruler with his third degree certificate.

Frank presenting Nigels certificate
The brethren were then treated to a wonderful social board of home-made steak pie and chips and the buzz of conversation passed around the dining room of this friendly, growing Conclave.

As for growing only eighteen months ago this conclave only had eleven members and now with joining members, two double inductions the conclave has grown to a very strong Conclave boasting twenty members. However, it won’t be staying at twenty for long as we look forward to our next meeting which we will have the pleasure of performing yet another double induction and welcoming two joining members into the fold, swelling the membership to an impressive twenty-four.

Why not come and visit us at our next merry meeting on the 20th February 2020 and you never know you may wish to join us as forms are always available at the social board.

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