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A Busy Day at Ribble Valley, 'The Internet' Consistory


Paul A.Joynson

21 Jan 2023

Where has the last year gone?

A year on from the Consecration of the Provinces' newest Consistory and Saturday 21st January 2023 saw the 4th regular meeting of Ribble Valley ‘The Internet Consistory No.138, which was a busy day were four third grade grades where conferred, two on the first two candidates who had been conferred into the consistory and two companions from other consistories within the province.
Following an excellent ceremony the President, Distinguished Companion Paul A. Joynson III had great pleasure in decorating the companions with their new third grade beast jewels, telling the candidates to wear the jewels with pride, especially when they attended at OSM Conclaves and when asked what they are, to tell the brothers that it is from the Scarlet Cord and to encourage them to join the wonderful Order to help them advance their masonic knowledge.
The day was far from spent as the next item of business was to install Eminent Companion Nigel Keith Dunlop III as the next President of the Consistory in a very well worked ceremony under the watchful eye of Distinguished Companion Anthony J. Smith IV who is not only the Director of Ceremonies for the Conclave, put also the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies. The ceremony was assisted by many well-respected Companions of the Order with no other than Right Distinguished Companion Allan M. Shields V, the Provincial Grand Summus acting as the Episcopus and his Assistant David L. Greenhalgh IV acting as Guarder. The host of officers also included Distinguished Companion Christian A. Givvons III who id the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler of the Order of the Secret Monitor and his Deputy Stephen P. Holcroft III both working as Lecturer’s.
Following Nigel taking his seat and investing his officers for the year, he told the Companions what a honour and a privilege it had been to take the chair of the Consistory and also to have been installed into it by his best friend.

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