Welcome to the website of the Provincial Grand Conclave of East Lancashire in the Order of the Secret Monitor, or Brotherhood of David and Jonathan in the British Isles and its Districts and Conclaves Overseas.

Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler

The Order of the Secret Monitor, or Brotherhood of David and Jonathan, is probably the most caring of all Masonic Orders

Anyone seeking to improve their Masonic knowledge will find great satisfaction in this beautiful degree in Freemasonry, which is the essence of our whole structure, namely Brotherly Love.

The ceremonies are based on the Biblical story of the remarkable Friendship which existed between David and Jonathan and can be found in the Book of Samuel Chapters 20, 22 & 23.

Christian Alexander Givvons

Here you can find a brief history of the Order, about the Regalia required, the Conclaves which make up the Provincial Grand Conclave of East Lancashire, the current Provincial Officers and how to contact us for more information. 

But most important all the information you require to join our wonderful order.                       

                                                   Yours in the friendship of the Order


The Rulers of the Province

Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler
Right Worthy Brother
Christian Alexander Givvons

Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler

Very Worthy Brother
Stephen Paul Holcroft G.V.
Provincial Grand Recorder
Worthy Brother
Paul Arthur Joynson G.Stwd. 

News in Brief

News Articles & Photographs

If you have an item you wish to feature on the Website then please email the Provincial Grand Recorder.


Supera Moras

Centenary Celebrations

The date is set for the Centenary Meeting of Supera Moras 'The Internet' Conclave.

Saturday 30th July 2022 at 11am.

You can book your place now by emailing the Provincial Grand Recorder.


Martyn Greene & David McMorris both of Supera Moras Conclave have been promoted in their Mother Province's. Martyn has become the Deputy PGSR for East Scotland whilst David is the PGSR designate for West Scotland.

Team Visit

The next team visit will be across the border into West Yorkshire for a visit to Roses Conclave on Monday 27th June 2002.

PGSR's Arch of Steel

The Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler is please to announce that his Arch of Steel is now active and will accompany him on his official visits throughout the Province.


New Conclave


Following the inception of the Arch of Steel and the Scarlet Cord Tzaddikim a conclave by the name of Satellitum is being formed for members past & present. Based at Radcliffe Masonic Hall.

Worthy  Brother
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The Order of the Scarlet Cord
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Forthcoming Events

Rochdale Masonic Hall.jpg
AnnualProvincial Meeting
Saturday 29th October 2022

Provincial Headquarters - Rochdale Masonic Hall. 2 Richards Street Rochdale